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Better, faster and easier borehole log data collection and production for geographical and geoenvironmental professionals

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Expert Witness 2004

PLog is the most advanced digital system available today for documenting geotechnical and geoenvironmental subsurface investigations.  With PLog you easily enter field data on your handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and then upload the data to gINT on your personal computer.

Using PLog helps you reduce geotechnical and geoenvironmental project costs while increasing data quality and consistency.  This is because:

Your geotechnical and geoenivornmental data is entered digitally the first time on the PDA.  Therefore it does not need to be re-typed at the office from handwritten field logs.  Borehole data is digitally uploaded from your PDA to your PC and from your PC into gINT.

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental data items are selected from dropdown lists customised to meet your company's requirements.  Terminology is consistent between boreholes, projects and personnel.

Items are validated by smart form capabilities on the PDA.  This minimises errors that can appear on a geotechnical or geoenvironmental borehole log.

Use PLog to enter any type of borehole data you need including:

Soil and rock samples

Soil and rock stratigraphy

Field test results (SPT, pocket penetrometer, vane shear, environmental and more)

Ground water conditions

Environmental data

Installations details for slope inclinometers and wells

Drilling notes

Click here to view a sample borehole report generated from data uploaded from PLog to gINT.

Please visit Dataforensic's website for more information about PLog, or contact Leeke Associates for technical advice, sales and pricing.   PLog is AGS Compliant.

Leeke Associates is the sole distributor of PLog software products in the UK.