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Expert Witness 2004

With in excess of 20 years experience in investigating fires, failures and providing independent expertise across a wide range of industries.

Leeke Associates has a proven track record of failure investigation based on experience over many years and covering a wide range of plant, equipment processes and systems. As an independent consultancy the practice delivers impartial and objective advice which includes:-

Collecting relevant evidence (physical and oral).
Establishing the sequence of events.
Diagnosing the cause of failure.
Physical testing and analysis.
Reviewing design, operation and maintenance practices to prevent future re-occurrences.
Establishing wider implications e.g., health & safety.

Comprehensive advice and reports for the legal and insurance sector, industry and commerce.

Whilst the majority of disputes are settled before reaching court, the process is likely to require a knowledgeable and suitably qualified expert from the outset. Within Leeke Associates we have experience of giving both written and oral evidence, including acting as Single Joint Experts, for:-

Civil Action.
Court Hearings.
Coroners Hearings.
Arbitration / Adjudication Proceedings.
Failure Investigations.

We are registered expert witnesses with the Law Society.

Forensic Investigation
Forensic Investigation
Investigation and Testing
Investigation and Testing
Turbine Failure
Turbine failure
Contractual Dispute
Contractual Dispute
Electrical Failure
Electrical Failure