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Expert Witness 2004

Leeke Associates is an Authorised ESRI (UK) Business Associate and Value Added Reseller.

We offer ESRI ArcView 9.x alone or together with gINT for ArcGIS add-on at competitive prices.

Geophysical Interpretation of the Central Olympic


ESRI ArcGIS is a family of software products that forms a complete geographical information system (GIS).  ArcView is a member of this family.

ArcGIS Brochure (4097 KB)

Flooding of underground mine

ArcView is the world most popular desktop mapping and geographic information system software.  It is a powerful tool for the visualisation, query, management, and analysis or spatial information.  Geo-environmental engineers the world round, rely on this package to produce maps, visualisations, query data such as geology, soil conservation, subsidence, groundwater, census, site investigation, and much more.

ArcView 9.x Brochure (751 KB)


Geology and SI Information

(Click for large version)


Why buy from Leeke Associates?

  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We know what geo-environmental engineers want to get out of a GIS package, and can provide an industry specific insight that a normal software reseller cannot.

Hand Held - ArcPad

(Click for large version)

Visualizing Hydrodynamic Modeling Results Using ArcObjects Technology

3D Scene

(Click for large version)


Water System

(Click for large version)


Vegetation Communities Along the Lewis River, Washington


Building Damage Anaylsis Results (Click for large version)


Total Magnetic Intensity